Laugh!Riot! at Naked City Brewery

One of the most exciting and frustrating things about moving to a new city is figuring out shit to do.

Exciting: Oh, the possibilities! I’m an explorer in a new urban landscape, mining for cultural gems. Watch as I make peace with the natives, a stylish yet nerdy bunch here in Seattle.

Frustrating: Oh, the possibilities…are…overwhelming! Where to begin? How to cull the hip from the unhip?

As a newbie, my pathetic efforts to get to know the city started with searching the ol’ internets for “stuff to do in Seattle.” Google told me about Seattle’s finest tourist attractions, such as Pike Place Market where you can go see fish being thrown about next to a wall with a lot of gum on it. As a fan of all things sentimental and kitsch, I’m down for doing the touristy stuff. But that’s only doable every now and then, right? Then it’s like, ok, what do people actually do here for a good time?

In an attempt to make this blog slightly less navel-gazey and slightly more useful, I’ll occasionally write about stuff that I stumble across in Seattle that I think you should check out. There are a couple of benefits to this. First, it helps to promote local artists doing their awesome thing, and it helps connect you to those people. But mainly, it’s a way to show off all the cool things I’m doing, and since I’m not on Facebook anymore, I NEED this! (and we’re back to navel gazing).

My first recommendation is Laugh!Riot! hosted by the very funny Derek Sheen  and Ryan Casey. A blurb from their Facebook page:

The New SUPER MEGA AWESOME Monthly Seattle Stand-up Showcase Every 2nd Saturday EVERY Month at Naked City Brewery 10pm $10!

The show I went to was guest hosted by the adorable David Leon and Brendan Kelly and featured:

Caitlin Weierhauser, a hilarious pretend-vegan and not-so-pretend-lesbian from Portland;

Bri Pruett, another great comic from Portland, who gives a colorful description of her first 4 orgasms here; and

Jim Stewart Allen, a super funny history geek with a fondness for the Oregon Trail.

The show was brilliant and guess what? It happens every month, and the next one’s tomorrow. I’m making this so easy for you. Details (again!)

Naked City Brewery

8564 Greenwood Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98103

10pm, Every 2nd Saturday


Derek Sheen & Ryan Casey

Derek Sheen & Ryan Casey; Photo by Me!




  1. bernquist · January 9, 2015

    Great recommendation! I lived in Seattle for a couple years and always loved the music scene in Fremont. High Dive and Nectar were two of my favorites!


    • sarahkaraok · January 10, 2015

      Yeah, I like those places too. I really love Seattle so far, and don’t think I’ll have a hard time thinking of recommendations.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. David Capito · January 9, 2015

    Bri Pruett! I think she was the other comedian you are thinking of.


    • sarahkaraok · January 10, 2015

      Heck yeah! Thanks so much David! Post updated – I loved her and didn’t want to leave her out!


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